V.S.Achuthanandhan Vs Pinarayi Vijayan

K V Sudhakaran to be V S’s Press Secretary.

Date : January 19, 2013 | Time : 12:37:00 PM


Trivandrum: Desabhimani Senior News Editor K V Sudhakaran is going to be the Press Secretary to the opposition leader V S Achuthanandan. This proposal came from V S himself and the CP M state secretariat approved it.

Some time back, some three personal staff were expelled from V S’s office by the party on the allegation of news leakage. Press Secretary K Balakrishnan was one among them. It was under these circumstances that V S suggested Sudhakaran’s name.


Ganesh Kumar re-induction into the ministry ?

Kerala Congress (B) representative meets the C M to discuss Ganesh’s re-entry into the ministry.
Date : June 5, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

 Kerala Congress (B) representative meets the C M to discuss Ganesh’s re-entry into the ministry
Kerala Congress (B) representative meets the C M to discuss Ganesh’s re-entry into the ministry

Trivandrum: Kerala Congress (B) representative met the C M with the request to include Ganesh Kumar into the ministry. It was the party General Secretary Venugopalan Nair who met the C M with this request. C M agreed to look into the matter after solving all the problems in the Congress. R Balakrishna Pillai had sent a letter to the C M before, with the same request.
Ganesh Kumar to appear in Mini Screen
Date : June 5, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar to appear in Mini Screen

His entry to TV is taking place in the midst of a controversy in the UDF regarding his re-induction into the ministry. There is a strong opposition in the State Congress against his re-entry.into the ministry. Apart from this, the Chief Vip P.C.George has directly come against Ganesh Kumar. Under these circumstances Ganesh Kumar himself has come to a conclusion that it is next to impossible to find a berth in the ministry.

The popular program ‘Nammal Thammil’ was being conducted by Sreekandan Nair for a long time. When he left Asianet, John Brittas took over. Now John Britas having left Asianet and rejoined ‘Kairali’, Asianet was on the look out for a new hand. Considering the background of Ganesh Kumar as cine serial actor Asianet thought he fits their bill most.

Kerala in the grip of dengue fever

Fever: Eleven fever deaths reported in the state. Enough platelets not available.

Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 09:45:00 AM

HIN-News Kerala

Trivandrum: Yesterday there were eleven deaths due to fever in the state due to fever. This includes three from Kottayam alone. Altogether 8170 people from all over the state reported for treatment. There were two fever deaths each from Kollam and Trivandrum districts, and one each from Ernakulam, Kasargode, Idukki and Kannur districts.

The number of dengue fever affected people from different districts yesterday were: Kottayam – 3, Pathanamthitta – 5, Vayanad – 1, Ernakulam – 8, Allappuzha – 4, Iddukki – 16, Trissur – 3 and Kozhikode -1.

As dengue and rat fevers spread, there is a severe shortage of platelets which is a very critical component of human blood. This puts the patients and the hospitals alike, in trouble. This platelet is a component which helps the blood to clot.

As the requirement of platelet increases the blood banks are under severe pressure from the patients and doctors.


Infectious Fever.10 Deaths. Including a small baby.Monitoring cell to work 24 hours
Date : June 9, 2013 | Time : 08:17:00 AM

There were ten deaths including a small baby due to fever. This baby was the son Gifin (4months) of Joseph from Trissur, Chettupara, Ananila. Over 12,000 people went for treatment of fever. Out of this 53 were confirmed cases of dengue fever. Because of the heavy rush, many hospitals in the state stopped admitting fresh patients. Now dysentery also has spread. To control the fever, the Govt: has opened 24 hour monitoring cells all over the state.

More doctors and para-medical staff also will be recruited for the purpose, said the Minister Sivakumar. From yesterday onwards evening OPs were started in all the hospitals and Medical Colleges.

Four deaths in Kollam, one in Trivandrum, two in Kottayam, and one each in Thodupuzha and Moovattupuzha were reported.
Govt: allots Rs: 7.5 crores for fighting Contagious diseases and fever.
Date : June 6, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Kerala in the grip of dengue fever

Trivandrum: To fight the widely prevalent fever and other infectious diseases in the state the Govt: have allotted Rs: 7.5 crores. According to Minister V S Sivakumar, the Govt: have not given permission to Medical College doctors for private practice.

Soon Medical colleges will be given Rs: 1 crore for prevention of communicable diseases.. Trivandrum, Alleppy, Kottayam and Calicut colleges will get Rs: 20 lakhs each while S A T and Trissur will get Rs: 10 lakhs each.

All medical colleges, district and thaluk hospitals will start evening OPs. Health Secretary will hold discussions with ‘medical college teachers association’ and decide on the timings for evening OPs. The minister disclosed all these details in a Press Conference.

Manju to make a come-back

Manju warrier retuns with a bang. First appearance with Amitabh Bachan.

Date : June 21, 2013 | Time : 06:35:00 PM 

Manju-Warrier-NewskeralaTrissur: After a long gap of 14 years, the celebrity actress cum dancer Manju Warrier is coming back to the movie world. Her maiden appearance this time will be with the veteran actor Amitabh Bachan. This is for an advt: movie. The shooting is scheduled for the end of this month at Goa.

She is appearing in an advt: film for Kalyan Jewllers. This appearance with the big-B is likely to enhance her stature in the Bollywood too. She told the media that she considers this as a great blessing.


Manju  – Dileep  to separate?

Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 2:58:00 PM

Manju – Dileep to separate

Reports taking rounds in the media suggest that Manju and Dileep have jointly decided to separate. It’s further indicated that their families had discussed the matter a couple of weeks back. It all started with Dileep’s denial of Mnju’s plans to pursue dancing vigorously. A conciliatory move made by their friend also didn’t bear fruit.

Their daughter Meenakshi will have all the rights to decide, to whom to stay with.  It’s also heard that she likes to be with her father.

Last month when Dileep visited Australia, Meenakshi alone accompanied him  and Manju stayed back. She went to her parents’ home in Trissur.

During the inauguration of the new restaurant of Dileep in Edappally, only Meenakshi was present and Manju didn’t  turn up.

Manju has reportedly stated in an interview that it was when she was at the peak of her acting career that she left the field and got wedded. She is actually regretting that now.

The entire matter could be settled without much fuss if Dileep allows her to continue with her dancing career. She is reported to have told Dileep that she doesn’t intend to go back to movies now.


Manju with her own website

Date : June 8, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Manju Warier
Manju with her own website

Kochi: Manju enters  the cyber world with her own website. Very soon official face book page also set up. On the third stage, she is going to appear as a blog writer too. Her entry into the cyber world is marked with the denial of the news about her come back to the movie dome through Geethu Mohandas’s movie.

www.manjuwarrier.com is her web address. This will announce her multi faceted talents in detail. Her brilliant dancing carrier along with her acting talents will also be included. Video clips of her hit movies and dance shows also will be part of the site. Through face book visitors could interact with her. In another ten days all these features will be ready in the website. In her unofficial face book she already has over three lakhs fans.

Even after leaving the film world years back, she still remains fully present in the news. And there were some bad rumours about her marital life. That even went to the extent of saying that Manju and Dileep are separated and she has started living with her parents in Trissur. But she has stated emphatically in her website that they are still living in their own house at Alwaye with their daughter Meenakshi.

The same International Agency C A Media which organizes and runs the websites of Amitabh Bachan and Salman Khan is taking care of Mnju’s website too.


Geethu never planned a movie with Manju.

Date : June 8, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Geethu never planned a movie with Manju.

The news that Manju is acting in Geethu’s picture is totally baseless, says Geethu Mohandas. Geethu was reacting to the news taking rounds in the internet.

“I have never even thought of directing a movie in Malayalam. Manju is a close friend of mine. That’s all. Whatever takes rounds in the internet is nothing but hearsay” said Geethu.

“I am at the moment busy with the post production work of a Hindi movie. Over and above this I have to look after my baby too” said Geethu.
Manju to make a come-back

Date : June 6, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Manju is planning to come back to the movies after a long gap of 14 years. If the reports are correct she will be coming back through a picture directed by Geethu Mohandas.

There were a lot of rumours before about Manju’s return. But all of them were denied by Manju and Dileep. But this time there is no denial and Geethu has made all arrangements

to make her come-back a reality. Geethu’s old movie ‘Kelkunnundo’ had won lot of applause and recognition. So let us wait eagerly for this new movie by Geethu to hit the theatres.

Ministerial reshuffle in Kerala in turmoil

Ministerial Discussion did take place – says Chennithala.

Date : June 10, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Ummen chandi And Remesh-Chennithala
Ummen chandi And Remesh-Chennithala

Trivandrum: Ramesh Chennithala said that discussions have taken place regarding his ministerial berth. But he was not ready to reveal the details. He is unable to say if he will become a minister. The topic is under the consideration of the High command. So he has limitations to say something in public.

“I’m not after positions of power. KPCC President’s position is definitely greater than many others. I’m really sorry for the controversy created in this regard. High command will take a proper decision at the right time” said Chennithala. He was speaking at the Press Club on a topic ‘contemporary politics and Kerala development.

“Regarding the controversy I have my own opinion. I will say that at the right time at the right place. I have a place in the minds of the common people. That can not be nullified by anyone. It is not the policy of the Congress to confront the communal organizations. I I haven’t complained to anyone regarding phone taping” he added.


Chief Minister goes to Delhi to solve the crisis.  

Date : June 7, 2013 | Time : 07:21:00 AM

Umman-Chandi-News Kerala
Umman Chandi

Trivandrum: The Chief Minister is going to Delhi to solve the problem regarding the Deputy Chief Minister ship. Chief MIninster Ummen Chandi has asked for an appointment with Sonia Gandhi. He is expecting to see her on Monday.

The Congress is trying to bring  Ramesh Chennithala as the Deputy Chief Mininster into the cabinet. But, for this AICC permission is a must. At present only in Maharastra this post is there. This is held by an alliance partner. In no other state one can find a post like this. So the party considers this as a policy matter. Now the party is trying to get an exemption, considering the peculiar situation in Kerala.

Congress had never expected a claim from the Muslim League for this post. In fact, P K Kunjalikutty had already stated publicly that they don’t raise any claim for this Deputy Chief Minister’s post. This is why Ramesh and Ummen Chandy went ahead seriously with this discussion. But all of a sudden League took an about-turn saying that if such a post is there it should be their’s.

Now it has become the responsibility of Ummen Chandy to settle the matter with the League and get the green signal from the High Comand. Both these tasks must go in parallel. It is for this, that Ummen Chandy is going to Delhi next week. High Command has taken the stand that they shall interfere in the matter once it is settled on the state level with all sections involved.

But the ‘I’ group has suggested that they are happy if Ramesh is given the Home dept: instead of going after the problem of Deputy Chief Minister ship. But ‘A’ group cannot even think of giving away the Home dept:.

Both ‘A’ and ‘I’ groups are eagerly waiting for the High Command’s reaction. Both sides are waiting for the decision to come from Delhi.


High Command to take a final decision on Ramesh’s entry into the Minstry

Date : June 6, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Congress General Secretary Madhusudan Mistry

New Delhi: Final decision on Chennithala’s induction into the ministry will be taken by the High command, says Congress General Secretary Madhusudan Mistry. The leaders have been told not to make any public statements until then. Mistry has collected all the details of the discussion between Ummen Chandi and Ramesh Chennithala.

Mistry is waiting for A K Antoney’s return from his foreign tour to discuss the matter with him. Only after that he will take a decision on the matter.

In the meanwhile Rajya Sabha Vice President P J Kurien met Sonia Gandhi and discussed the situation in Kerala. He requested her to give Home Ministry and Deputy Chief Ministership to Chennithala.

Sreesanth trapped in match fixing

BCCI took statement from Sreesanth.

Date : June 24, 2013 | Time : 07:40:00 PM

Sreesanth-NewskeralaNew Delhi: The Anti Corruption Unit of the BCCI took statement from Sreesanth regarding the IPL spot fixing case. He was called to Delhi for this purpose. It took about 3 hours to complete this. He didn’t disclose the details of the encounter to the media persons. He is reportedly told to wait till the end of the enquiry and continue the practice till then. It is heard that most of the questions put to Sreesanth were regarding his relations with Giju Janardanan.


‘I haven’t trapped Sreesanth’  says Juju Janardanan.

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 11:40:00 PM 

Jiju Janardhanan

Kannur: It’s not me who has trapped Sreesanth in the IPL betting case, said Juju Janardanan. It’s some Advocates who spread such false news. He was talking to the media persons from his home at Koothuparambu.

I have no relation with the betters. For the last 12 years my life has been dedicated to cricket. I will come out clean proving my innocence. I have enough confidence in the legal justice system of our country, he added.


Pilgrimage to Sabarimala: To make amends for the small mistakes – Sreesanth.

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 11:40:00 PM 

Sreesanth-in-Sabarimala-News KeralaSabarimala: “I have committed small mistakes in my life, before. But I have no connection with the present IPL spot fixing case. Sabarimala pilgrimage is done as atonement to the small mistakes I have committed’ said Sreesanth. He was talking to the media after rolling round the temple precincts as an offer to God. He said he wanted to come back as a new Sreesanth with a clean heart.

Yesterday night around 9.30 pm he reached Pumpa. But he couldn’t pray there as the temple doors were closed by then. Today morning he prayed before the Lord Ayyappa. After that he prayed at the Ganapathi Kovil also.

When asked about the tough sections raised against him, he said the Lord Ayyappa will save him from everything.


Sreesanth’s fiancée with solid support during the crisis days.
Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 10:50:00 PM

Sreesanth ready for marriage

Cochin:Even during the crisis ridden days  Sreesanth got whole hearted support from his fiancée. She is from the royal family of Jaipur. He is planning to marry her in September. He was in love with her for many years. But Sreesanth’s  parents have not yet confirmed it officially.

It seems, they are planning to arrange the marriage in Guruvayoor. Even when he was in jail she gave him all moral support. Her father had even made a trip to Delhi in an attempt to see Sreesanth. Even when he was in police custody she had a telephonic talk with him. Daily she was in touch with his advocate to know the daily developments.

For over six years this girl was in love with him. It was during the one day match with Pakistan in 2007 at Jaipur that they met each other for the first time.

Delhi police to appeal against Sreesanth’s bail.

Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 04:37:00 PM
New Delhi: The Delhi police is planning to go on appeal against the bail granted to Sreesanth and Ankith Chavan by the Saketh court. The Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said, they are waiting for the copy of the bail order to come. Once that is got and studied, they will take a final decision on the matter. At the same time Sreesanth’s advocates are planning to approach the High Court to get the case totally quashed.

The Saketh court while granting bail to Sreesanth and others had clearly stated that there was absolutely no evidence available, to invoke ‘Mcoca’ on the accused. The court, in fact, had severely criticized the police for trying to invoke ‘Mcoca’. It’s under these circumstances that the police are thinking of approaching the High Court for cancelling the bail order. The police are still of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in invoking ‘Mcoca’ against Sreesanth and Ankith Chavan. They still feel that according to sub section 1a of section 1 of ‘Mcoca’ Sreesanth could be tried as a culprit. A decision will be taken in this regard by the end of the week.

Sreesanth reaches Cochin. ‘Done nothing wrong’ says Sreesanth.
Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 11:00:00 AM

‘Done nothing wrong’ says Sreesanth
‘Done nothing wrong’ says Sreesanth

Kochi: Sreesanth, the IPL accused reached Kochi today on bail. He reached Kochi around 9.30 AM by an Air India flight from Delhi. From there he proceeded to his sister’s home at Thrippunithara.

‘I’m determined to come back to the Indian team after proving my innocence through the legal path. I’m waiting eagerly for that moment. Also, ‘I’m planning to start my cricket practice right from today. It’s a great thing that I could come back home. Let this not happen even to my worst enemies.’ he added.

On Tuesday he came out of the jail. He got his bail granted on Monday evening by 7.30 pm. But because of the stringent legal formalities involved, he had to spend another 24 hrs: in jail.

He was arrested on May 16th. 12 days he spent in police custody. After that he got transferred to judicial custody in Tihar Jail. The court criticized severely the invoking of ‘Mcoca’ by the police and granted bail to all who applied for it.

The court observed that prima facie there is no evidence to invoke ‘Mcoca’ against the accused. The other alleged crimes like conspiracy, breach or trust and cheating are also not sustainable, the court added. Sreesanths advocate Pinacky Misra opposed tooth and nail; the imposition of ‘Mcoca’ on the accused.

‘I’m confident of proving my innocence since I have done nothing wrong. And I have enough confidence in the court and the legal proces of the nation. Anyway I’m very much happy that I’m free now. And I’m so grateful to every one of my well-wishers’, he said to the media reporters present at the Delhi airport.

Sreesanth to come out of the jail today. To return home on Wednesday

Date : June 11, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Sreesanth to come out of the jail toda
Sreesanth to come out of the jail toda

New Delhi: Sreesanth will be freed today. He got bail yesterday from the IPL betting case. The formalities to be completed take a lot of time. That is the reason for the postponement of the journey back home to tomorrow.

The Saketh Sessions court had granted bail to all the eighteen accused including Sreesanth yesterday, on the ground that there was no evidence produced, to invoke ‘Mcoca’ on them. It was after long arguments in the court lasting over seven and a half hours that the court granted them bail with certain conditions. Two sureties and a personal bond of Rs: 50,000 were the conditions. In addition, they are barred from going out of the country. They have to surrender their Passport in the court. The Additional Sessions Judge Vinay Kumar Khanna said that the police failed to produce clear evidence to show that the accused had indulged in conspiracy, breach of trust and cheating.

During the arguments, the police failed to give clear answers to the judge’s several questions. Ankith Chavan and Jiju Janardanan also got bail yesterday. Ajith Chandila had not filed a bail application.


Sreesanth gets bail. ‘Mcoca’ can’t be invoked

Date : June 10, 2013 | Time : 10:48:00 PM

Sree Santh

New Delhi: Eighteen accused including Sreesanth were granted bail in the IPL match fixing case by the Saketh court of New Delhi. They have to execute a surety of two people and a bond of RS: 50,000. The imposition of ‘mcoca’ on Sreesanth is illegal, observed the court. The court criticized the police severely for imposing ‘mcoca’ on Sreesanth without enough evidence.

The police argued that the economic crime described in ‘mcoca’ has taken place. But the police failed prove that such a crime has occurred. The Prosecutor could not give a clear reply to questions asked by the court. It was under these circumstances that the court granted bail to Sreesanth and all the other accused. The bail is conditional. The accused can not leave the country. They have to surrender their Passports to the court.




Santosh Pandit is waiting for a re-entry into the show

Santosh Pandit

Hyderabad: The ousted participant of Malayali House, Santosh Pandit remains stay put at Hyderabad itself refusing to return to Kerala. He is waiting for a re-entry into the show. Santosh revealed this to the private news channel ‘Reporter on live’.

He was the most favourite participant of the show and his ouster was based on certain wrong assessments, he said. This is what he has known from the SMSs he received. And the SMSs are a reflection of his popularity among the viewers.

Anyway, he is not sad about his ouster, as he is quite busy with his new movie ‘Minimolude Achan’. He is on the final touches of this movie. Once this is over he is ready to start his next movie ‘Kalidasan Kavitha Ezhuthukayanu’. It was from the midst on these chores that he came to Kerala House. So leaving it is not that worrisome for him.

Ashitha, Bindu, Bala and Harisankar were the other people who were eliminated from the show along with Santosh Pandit. It was only after his actual ouster that he knew, he was liked by many of the general viewers. Some participants of the show didn’t even have sufficient morals or ethics, he felt. He expressed his inability to teach these guys ethics and morals.

Santosh Pandit has a bad reputation of having misbehaved in many of his previous TV interviews. But in Malayali House he was very well-behaved and that made him a favourite of the viewers. When many of the old respected participants lost their respect with this show Santosh regained his lost respect. That way he is thankful to this show.

Santhosh Pandit’s grand return to Malayali House in a magician’s attire

Santhosh Pandit returns to Malayali House

Kochi: Surya TV was forced to call back Santosh Pandit, eliminated in the first round from the popular realty show Malayali House. His elimination was a hot subject of discussion for about a week all over Kerala and in the internet. Even those who were against Santosh Pandit before, also turned his supporters after seeing Malayali House.

Santosh Pandit had alleged that he was a victim of group dynamics in the show. When this was known to everybody, the public demand to bring him back to the show grew large. Many social networking sites including face book raised the same demand. In the end he was called back by Surya.

Surya started showing visuals announcing Santosh’s come-back. In this advt:, Santosh was shown as a magician landing the stage in the traditional magician’s attire.

News is taking rounds that it was for increasing the rating of the show that he was called back. When the real image of many participants was visible in the show Santosh’s decent behavior was lauded by almost every one.

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